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you've heard this before

Posted on May 3, 2010 with 1 comment

taking it to the next level This is a catch-phrase which actually becomes useful from time to time. In your field, your career, on your path, etc, whatever, "taking it to the next level" represents/is both an action that is propelled by a purpose and a materializable vision of a positive result. The way this idea works and becomes a positive result is the real focal point of this discussion. There are several definite steps which must occur in order for this action manifest first of all. The very first step actually isn't a step at all; rather, it is more of a happening, an occurance, a recognition. Yes, really, it is a recognition. Visually, it is like a light turning on and illuminating the room. It is an idea, a thought which "crosses your mind". How many times have you used this phrase, " something crossed my mind...". So this thing that crosses your mind is an idea. The light turns on and the thought is "Today, I am going to do such and such. I'm going to take it to the next level. In this now lit-up state of mind, you are sure that as soon as you get to your office or perhaps right this minute, you are going to take some action which will begin the process of "taking it to the next level". At this point, you have defined the idea. For the sake of calling it something, assume that the idea is to implement a marketing campaign to sell a new cd. By "implement", I mean taking action. So, the first action you take is to contact marketing experts like CDBABY or Amazon. If you actually do take this action, you have made it to the second level, the first being the recognition of the idea when it crossed your mind. To summarize these two levels, the first is recognition of the idea, the second is an initial action step. I think it is obvious as to how important the first step is. If you never got the idea, you would be nowhere. It is the second step which could tend to be elusive if you are not "on it". So really there is not only a second step, but a required state of mind in order to be of the mind to take that second step. I will borrow from a wonderful speaker, the Reverend Mrs. Bill Parish (sorry I forgot her first name). The phrase she used at one of her sermons was "the made-up mind". What a powerful phrase that is. What is the "made-up mind"? It is a mind which is determined and which decisively causes the rest of the person to take the action so that the positive result may happen. So now, your mind made up, you take the initial action. Once you have taken this initial action, you have entered into the second step of this process we call "taking it to the next level; in fact, by that very action, you have actually taken it to the next level, level 2. When you made that contact to CDBABY, you took it to the next (second) level. At this point, you should ask yourself a very important question, seriously. You should question whether you are happy with the results from taking this action. If it was me and I asked myself that question, I must say I would not imagine a good answer would be in store. I mean, after all, am I any better off than I was when the idea first crossed my mind to market my new cd? Honestly, at this point I am not any better off; not yet, at least. Well, here is my point, if you continue to have a made up mind, you will quickly recognize the need to go to level 3. What the hell is level 3? Level three is actually following through with the idea. Level 3 is finishing the process of getting your cd up and running in your chosen marketplace. Level three is calling on venues and marketing your band so you can sell more cds at the venues when you are performing. Level 3 must be actualized in order for the idea to become a positive result.


January 18, 2010

There is actually a theory in social psychology about this called Stages of Change or the Transtheoretical Model Its about the decision making process from pre awareness to amaking a decision to action.