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Chris Glik: *MUSIC*

Be still and know that i am god

(Chris Glik)
June 29, 2016
chris glik

Take a deep breath.

now let it all out.

I will be still and know the spirit of god within me.

I am still and know that the i am of god lives in me.

I am still, I am centered in perfect peace.

I am still, I know that the i am of god within me lives my life.

The i am of god within me lights my path, directs my way, and accomplishes all that is given me to do.

I know the wonder of god lives through me.  

I rejoice in the knowing that of myself I can do nothing.  

The father within me doth the work.

I let go and let the i am of god live through me in its perfect way.

I know the joy of god is my joy, the life of god is my life, the love of god is my love.

All that god is, i am.

And so i let it be and so it is, Amen and Amen.