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Chris Glik: *MUSIC*

God's help be with me

(Chris Glik)
July 6, 2016
chris glik

God's help be with me.

I pledge myself from this date on during my whole life to continually, unbrokenly and uninterruptedly, strive, seek,  practice and exemplify the spirit of my divine ideal: to know and to serve god.

As nature and grace are the two forces which are continually opposing and fighting each other in my heart, I do solemnly vow and swear that with the help of God, I have only in my mind and heart, the desire to know and sincerely serve God.

With god in my heart and soul, and with god as my heart and soul, I am strengthened to remain and stay always on the side of grace no matter how difficult and unnatural it may appear in the life of the world.

My pulse is enlightened by the divine power.

I live and have my being in God.

My eye is guided by the divine fire.

My spirit is cheerful and open to the glory of god, which gives me happiness, present and eternal.

The glory of god satisfies my soul and saturates my heart.

For this and so much more, I am grateful.

And so I let it be, and so it is, Amen and Amen.